All Action Security Realtime Reporting Software


All Action Realtime Reporting Software contains several features including; GuardTour Reports, Activity Reports, Patrol Report, Incident Report, Parking Violation, Maintenance Reports, Field Interviews, Arrest Reports. The simple icon based design makes All Action Reporting Software more user-friendly.


All Action Realtime Reporting Software manages a variety of important security officer responsibilities within one application and utilizes a variety of technologies including QR codes (similar to barcodes but capable of more data), image capture, GPS Geofencing, GPS location reporting and digital timeclock to facilitate and validate all security officer’s duties.


Management/Dispatch is able to track employees graphically on a map at all times, generate specific reports of the officer within a 5 foot area with a time stamp, and be able to view when a guard trips a geofence alert. A geofence alert happens when a guard is either entering or leaving a designated area.


All Action Realtime Reporting Software is NOT a web based application or web page that limits function, but an actual application that runs on the Android and iPhone Operating Systems, and will allow us to do a multitude of tasks that cannot be done from a web page based service. We can save reports to a smart phone even with no signal.


All Action Realtime Reporting Software is a GREEN SOLUTION and maintains all records paperlessly, reports are available for review via email and/or a login password. This will eliminate time-consuming storage and retrieval of documents and reports, while protecting employees and the protected property from liability.


All Action Realtime Reporting Software also generates sophisticated management reports instantly. You can be anywhere in the world with a computer that is online or from your smart phone and view any of these reports with just your username and password.
All Action Realtime Reporting Software has numerous specialized features that allows our clients a more convenient way of viewing reports, monitoring the guard and addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner.


All Action Security Realtime Reporting



  1. Digital Timeclock – This feature is used anytime the officer is clocking in or out. A photograph is taken that is both time stamped and GPS Located to assure us and our clients that our officers are starting and ending their shifts in a timely fashion.


  1. Digital Reports – All reports are created digitally, this includes: Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, maintenance reports, parking violations and interview reports. After the officer finish his shift he is able to upload all of the reports he completed giving our clients the option to see the reports instantly. We are able to email reports to the proper contacts (i.e. Maintenance reports emailed to Maintenance man/department, DAR to Property Managers). No more having to struggle to read anybody’s handwriting all reports are neatly typed. All reports are stored on our server for at least 3 years and can be viewed by our clients anytime.


  1. Maintenance Report – The maintenance report provides you with a GPS location using Google maps so your maintenance person can find and fix the issue as soon as possible


  1. Photographed Reports – Officers are able to photograph violations such as: graffiti, illegal parking, trespassers and etc. The images are date and location stamped and are proven to be useful to our clients.


  1. GuardTour Report – With this feature our officers scan QR codes strategically located throughout the community. When the officer scans the code it is GPS located and logged into a report so you know exactly where and when the officer is at all times during the shift.


  1. A series of customized questions can be assigned to QR codes. This is useful when there is an area that requires extra attention and/or a checklist of tasks need to be performed.


  1. Passdown Logs – From the client portal you will be able to pass down instructions for the guard if there is any issues that require extra attention.