Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct our own intensive armed and unarmed security officer-training course. This course consists of the basic elements of being a security officer, complete report writing, and key administrative details of working for All Action Security & Consulting Group Inc. All security officers are taught how to properly write reports.
We offer armed security, unarmed security and patrol services including Mall Security, Car Dealership Security, Construction Site Security, Movie Theater Security, Hospital Security, Commercial Business Security, Private Security, VIP Security, Body Guards, Party Security and more.
Yes, All Action Security offers every kind of Commercial security services possible.
Yes, All Action Security offers every kind of residential security services possible.
Yes, All Action Security offers all Mall security and shopping center security services. Call us for more details. 1-800-482-7371
Yes, All Action Security offers all areas of personal security and private security. Call us for more details. 1-800-482-7371.
Yes. All Action employees are CPR/First Aid Licensed and Trained.
All Action Security will have staff and management available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We have absolutely no overtime charges whatsoever, with the exception of 6 major holidays.
All Action Security provides the latest advancements in security guard technology and all equipment is provided by the company at no cost to you
Our employees have taken the necessary coursed required by the state to obtain CPR/First Aid certifications and licenses.
Yes, we are bonded for $1,000,000 and we have $3,000,000 General Liability and $1,000,000 workers compensation insurance.
We monitor our guard using a number of methods. First, we provide a computerized Detex system which allows you to know where and when the officer is at all times during their shift. Second, we provide 24 hour supervisor which means for every 8 hour shift 3 random inspections are performed on the post and officer. Third we provide radios, pagers and cell phones so that we are in constant communication with our guards.